Wednesday, August 31, 2011


After reading the article, my opinion on today’s tradition of marriage is still the same.  In today’s society the thought of arranged marriages is hard to fathom.  Unlike the times of Ancient Rome, we have the freedom to choose the people we want to be with and the person we want to marry. Not having this freedom would change the dynamic of our culture. For example, people would not have the opportunities to meet new people and try different things. It would keep us from experiencing the passion, commitment and love of others. Also, in my eyes the tradition of men being able to marry more than one person and have more than one sexual partner is unthinkable. I think this because I was raised in an environment where I was taught to respect and be faithful to your partner. Cheating on your partner is considered to be adultery and isn’t something to be proud of.
 This article made me feel fortunate to grow up in this generation and allowed me the freedoms of marriage.

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