Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage

In the gay marriage debate, my understanding of the reading is that whether gay men and women get married, it will not make them anymore happier then without being wed.  Gay men and lesbians are fighting for right to marry, which in my opinion is there god giving right under the constitution, that says “all man is created equal”, which should allow gay men and lesbians to marry. However being married doesn’t changed the dynamic of their relationship, they will still have the same feelings for one other, and the same love and devotion to their partner.  For many generations homosexuals have not had the right to marry one other, and yet they have happier and longer lasting relationships then some heterosexuals who were able to marry. So why does the idea of marriage make gay men and lesbians feel that it will be the defining factor or “tie the knot” in their relationship?  

In my personal opinion which I briefly stated above, I think it is homosexuals god giving right to be able marry one another.  Homosexuals should not be denied the opportunity to marry the person they love just cause the fact that they are gay. In my eyes that’s discrimination towards all homosexual and an injustice to our constitution, which clearly sates all men are created equal. It also denies their pursuit of life liberty and happiness. I feel that marriage is such a powerful thing bond between to people that it should not be restricted to straight couple, but homosexual couples as well.  From personal experience I have dealt with this topic in my own home. I have a cousin who is homosexual and he just married his boyfriend of four years.  When I attended the wedding I could see the joy and happiness the two shared and the love they had for one another.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Page 736

On page 736 in the text, Whitehead writes: "On the one side, conservatives pointed to abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality as forces destroying the family. On the other, liberals cited domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports as the key problems afflicting the family." What do you think about this statement? Explore what you think are the merits and weaknesses of these ideas.
Both the conservatives and liberals have valid points in their arguments toward forces destroying families. However, I agree with the liberals based on their arguments on the matters of domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public support.  I think that domestic violence is severely detrimental to the survival of a family, especilaonly when there are children involved. I feel that verbal or physical abuse within a family changes the dynamic of the environment around the family. It changes from a loving and caring atmosphere to a surrounding full of hatred and fear¸ which I think no family can survive under. I also feel that no family can survive with economic insecurities due to the fact that our economy is in recession and the lowest it has been. Many banks, corporations, small business are running out of money and going bankrupt, therefore terminating countless employees which create a very difficult situation for families. On top of that results in inadequate public support from organization, business, and government agencies make more problems for the families.

On the conservative side I think that abortion, illegitimacy and homosexuality play a small factor in the problems afflicting families. I feel that abortion for many families is never and option, and there are other alternatives like adoption. On the other hand if someone were to choose abortion, it is not detrimental to the family. I also feel that illegitimacy is common in today’s society and that it is not a huge factor in the survival of a family. I feel you can still have a loving and caring relationship without having to be married, and can raise children in an appropriate environment without being married. My views on homosexuality towards this topic is impertinent, I think that homosexuality is not someone’s choice, but how they were born. In my eyes someone’s sexuality should not cause afflicting problems between families.