Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video Blogs

Video one asked the question “What is Summary”?
A Summery is a brief explanation of the topics main idea.  In a summery it is important you don’t uses someone’s exact words and also try to stay away from paraphrasing. When summarizing a topic you should use your own thoughts while containing information of what you just learned about.

When searching for sources for information, you want to use key words on search engines. These search engines will bring up numerous pages of information and sources for you to use.  However with all these pages and sources of information you don’t want to use to many key words and complicate your workload, you should try to stay around 2-4 key words.

It is important to use citations for others peoples work so you are not caught plagiarizing. Also it is important because it shows you have a general knowledge you know what your doing when researching and writing a topic. It allows you to use sources to you benefit to back up any points you have in your paper, as well as showing respect to the person who you have taking the ideas from. In addition it gives credit to its original source.

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